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My summer holiday

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Hello everyone :-) I thought I could already begin and talk about how my summer vacation this year will be :) So I thought that it's more fun and write in English, so I thought I could use the chance and did it now . If you do not understand English or what I write so just comment it in the comment box, I'll explain it to you in Norwegian. My vacation starts one day before school ends. Thursday, June 19th, me and my mom go to New York. We'll be there in a little more than two weeks. That same day we get home from New York on Sunday, so will our new cat come home to us. :) On Saturday July 12th I will travel to Spain with my dad to our new apartment for three weeks. When I come home after Spain begins the school very soon. So then I'll probably just be a lot with friends and be at the beach :)


29.04.2014 kl.11:42

Hei :D Dette hrtes veldig spennende ut :)! Hper du fr en fin sommerferie :) <3 Jeg elsker New York! Hper at jeg fr reist noen plasser i sommer, hvertfall til London som jeg vet om p sommerfestival, og kanskje 2 uker i London p skole :P
Amalie Stava

29.04.2014 kl.22:06

Rebekka: Tusentakk ;)) s kult jeg har gtt p Sprkreise p skole i fjord sommer i en mned :) i England og London det var utrolig gy :)
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